Health and safety are our priorities

Anti fake by blockchain technology

Any end customers can open camera in smart phone to scan QR code to trace origin of products.

How it works

VChain is built on amazing Ethereum platform therefore you must start by connecting to it. Follow below simple step by step similar to traditional web app to enjoy the super power of blockchain technology.

1. Register

an account on Ethereum by installing Metamask extension on Chrome, Firefox or Brave browser. This is exactly similar to user name you register with traditional web applications.

Then acquires a fraction of Ether in your Ethereum address.

2. Communicate

with distributors, retailers in real world you are going to sell your products in order to have their Ethereum addresses.

If you sell directly to end customers, simply skip this step.

3. Record

  1. Login your Metamask
  2. Refresh the app page to view your Ethereum account displayed on the app page
  3. If you are the original creator of the product, create items to the blockchain by filling simple form on app page. If you bought from others who are also use VChain, then your items are automatically displayed.
  4. Create profile by clicking the blue button "Profile"
  5. If you sell to distributors / retailers, then sell your items by clicking the "Sell" buttons
In case you sell finished products, you must print out QR codes, which are automatically generated, then attach to your products for end customers to use mobile phone to scan the code to trace the origin.

apply to any products

Fakes are ranging from severe cases like medicines and dietary supplements, foods, auto parts to general goods. Just record your items to blockchain, then attach generated QR codes to your either individual items or packages to make them unique.


Organic foods, vegetables


General Goods




Automotive Parts & Accessories




Vitamin, Supplements, Medicine






The first and foremost benefit for entire community are health and safety by eliminating dangerous fakes. Then your business will gain trust.

Protect Customers

from fake products that can affect not only their money but also health and even lives.

Build Brands

with blockchain technology that bad people no longer can touch

Boost Sales

by eliminating hassle and costly paper work to set up distributors

Let's Fight Fakes

Do it yourself. No hassle inquiries.

What our clients say

Pricing plan

You have to pay for Ethereum community because they spend resources to secure the network for you. Around beginning of year 2019, when price of ether is about $US 100, the cost to create and sell in batch is about only $US 0.05 / item. What is an item depending on you, either individual item or a whole package.


  • Full feature
  • Unlimited testing


0.3 Eth / 100 items
  • Contribute only when you sells more than 100 items.
  • End customers and you will be alerted when a unique ID is scanned many times


  • Add your logo to your QR Code to build your brands as well as enhance protection.
  • Bulk unique QR codes generation.
  • And much more...


How is blockchain better than current anti fake technology ?

In most situations VChain will protect you.

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I want to use NFC tag, instead of QR code ?

Fine. Just use your NFC enable devices to write the URL in the QR code to the tag, then attach it to your product.

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How do I know VChain apply blockchain ?

Just check the source code, it is open. Technically, everything is on front-end of your browser and blockchain.

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What is in the QR code generated by VChain ?

Inside the QR Code is combination of unique ID of the product and activity of entire blockchain at the time of creation of the product. The code leads to a website which in turn get data from blockchain.

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