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VChain is live on mainnet now

Let's fight fakes...!

What is the key problem of holograms in fighting counterfeit ?

Its problem is simple: when you see a product with a hologram seal, how do you know that hologram itself is real ?

In general, any system that does not let consumers compare products with authentic ones is not reliable.

Can I integrate VChain unique QR code to holograms ?

That definitely adds another strong protection layer to your brands.

VChain protects your product on delivery

Doing online business, you have to deliver your products. Most delivery men are nice and trustworthy. However, in some rare cases, your products are swapped with fake ones on the way. To prevent these bad situations, simply put VChain QR code on the package and remind customers to scan to check before finishing transactions.

Situations VChain will protect you

1. You create and sell something with all love.

2. Bad people than copy your products. How would you defend ?

3. You, or your distributors, retailers attach unique QR code generated from VChain to your products to prevent most of bad situations:

  • In the simplest case, they just want to hurt your sales: VChain can stop this because end-customers won't buy products without unique code.
  • In the most dangerous case, they buy genuine products from you, then replace them by fake ones and say those are yours to harm you: VChain can prevent this very bad situation because their fake ones do not have unique code.
  • Now bad people are cleverer, they also create QR code and attach to their products to mimic your genuine ones! In this case, QR code from VChain still protect you because those codes are generated with naturally random factors combined with unique identities and stored securely on blockchain which are checked to be matched when customers scan the code.
  • And eventually there are some bad and very smart people, they copy both your products and VChain QR codes! In this case, VChain still can protect you by alert customers the suspicious codes which are scanned so many times. In addition, information about locations where the suspicious codes are scanned will be recored for further investigations.

And, solution based on blockchain is better than current ones because:
  • Unbreakable data and logic: all other solutions store data about products, producers, distributors, retailers etc. and logic of the application on central server which is controlled by someone, or some companies. Hence, those can be compromised. With blockchain, no one own data and logic, and no one can change it.
    In other words, you can do business with each other without need to trust any intermediaries.
  • Cryptography: the password to access blockchain is never transferred in Internet. This is fundamentally more secure than current models, including famous Gmail, Facebook.

I want to create, sell, print QR code for multiple items at once ?

To create multiple identical items:

  1. Login Metamask
  2. Go to: Remix IDE
  3. Open another tab in browser, go to implement verified contract on: Etherscan
  4. Select the tab "Code", then click the button "Copy" on the right-hand side in the "Contract source code section"
  5. Back to the Remix IDE tab, close the default contract "browser/ballot.sol", create a new contract named "vchain.sol", paste the copied source code to the text area, select compiler version "0.4.24", then click "Start to compile". If there is no error, go to next step
  6. Click the "Run" tab on the right-hand side
  7. Environment field: select "Injected Web3"
  8. The drop-down list that shows name of contracts you have just compiled, select contract "vchain"
  9. The "At address (Load contract from Address)" field, paste the proxy contract address found in the footer of the app web page. Then click that blue button "At Address". You will see the section "Deployed Contracts" displayed, then click to expand it to interact with the contract with full of functions
  10. Then create multiple identical items, by using Function "Create Batch". For example, create 10 identical items name "My beautiful product":
    1. Input 10, and comma, then "My beautiful product" inside double quotation, to the field of the function
    2. Click the button "Create Batch", then wait for the confirm message from Metamask

Can I put my logo to QR code for branding ?

QR codes are no longer boring. Is this sample fancy enough ?

VChain is on Rinkeby testnet...

Contact us to have a test drive.

How should I start to use VChain ?

When you implement something new, start small. You should apply VChain to attach unique QR codes to few products. When end customers are excited about using smart phone to scan QR codes to trace origins, then you can go mass.

What about privacy?

The goal of VChain is to provide transparent information for end customers. If you want to keep some info private, simply do not put it to the blockchain. In the near future, we will upgrade the app for you to store private info.

Why not RFID / NFC ?

RFID, NFC combined with blockchain is excellent for anti fake. The only problem is that it is not economically feasible for small and medium businesses. We will upgrade the app to that level when time is suitable.

Note on smart contract: balance between complexity and economy

The more complex the app, the more it cost users real money. That's why we keep things simple.

Video: consequences of fake goods